Thursday, 10 August 2017

DIY Cultures 2013 (Archival photos!)

Found some more photos of our table at DIY cultures in 2013. A day of amazing speakers, zine energy and Dorothy Damage's cakes.. Much to enjoy and imbibe!

Artists Self Publishers Fair, The ICA, 2016

 We had fun displaying, zine selling, swapping and inviting people to draw monsters and freestyle with us at the ICA. We tabled between artist Ho Tam (visiting from Vancouver) with his stylish/ funny/ deadpan "Poser" magazines and London based Skin Deep Mag "We want the stories of people of colour to be told by people of colour, and for our audience to understand that race and identity is political, complex and multifaceted." After a hot day talking to people and soaking up the creativity in the hot tall walled room, we were surprised with free pizza! 

DIY Cultures at the Richmix 2016

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

DIY Cultures 2016 at the Rich Mix

Looking forward to the creative and cultural symphony that is DIY Cultures 2016!
There'll be workshops, art, riso zines and loads more zines! See you there!


Thursday, 7 January 2016

We're back! All three Interactive Monsters (Dorothy Damages, International Nobody and Squid) will be at Weirdo Zine Fest on January 31st. Getting busy making the new zines plus previous made monstery things and sticker drawing (space allowing). Excited to make, see what everyone's up to/making/interested in. See you there!

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Zine World (Kilburn Zine & Comic Fair)

Woop! All three monsters tabled at Zine World hosted by OOMK at South Kilburn Studios.

Due to email hiccup, there was actually a small delay in our application, but luckily, OOMK managed to squeeze us in at the last moment and we asked our friends and some friendly random people to draw on stickers.

I'm not sure where the photos are for this event, but I remember talking to some really great people, seeing familiar faces, and eating something delicious (a spinach wrap thing).

I also did swaps with Rudy Loewe and Atiah

Alternative Press Pop Up!

Squid showed a few pieces of work "Tiger Grrrl" and "Let Toys Be Toys" at the Alternative Press Pop Up! We had all hoped to take part, but things came up, so Dorothy Damages and International Nobody popped along to take a look and browse the awesome range of zines.

What an awe inspiring selection of zines!

Also had a cool chat with Paul Ashley Brown who's zine "Anon. Number Two" I bought (brilliant pencil figures on A4 paper in a plastic sleeve!) who had some cool advice about sketching random people!