Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lilies on Mars + Interactive Monster Unit @ Buffalo Bar...

We set up in a cosy little spot deep in the belly of the Buffalo Bar.

International Nobody (Gold) + Squid's (Molten Silver with alien-flower mouth-piece) masks were inspired by a flowers + aliens theme. (Appropriate for Lilies on Mars!)

Lisa Masia (Lilies on Mars) made herself a mask with red flowers and blue guitar..

Some people draw on the backs of the silver masks + during the evening, a noh type hell mask and a kind of intergalactic football stadium for caterpillars appeared, and there was some sticky hands-on wool-bolognaise action (see below!..

"The most beautiful merch table I've seen for a long time." (remarked bar-dude at Buffalo Bar..)

Thanks everyone for coming and taking part.. Enjoy the pics!