Monday, 1 April 2013

DIY Cultures 2013 - Zines and Artist Book Fair

After an insane period of hibernation, we are back!

Interactive Monster Unit will be at the DIY Cultures 2013 - Zines and Artist Book Fair at the Rich Mix, Bethnal Green on Sunday April 7th from 12pm-7pm.

International Nobody (Bomb Monster/ Poster Printer/ Standup Tragedian Extraordinaire/ Storyteller 
Monster zine outburst - exploding with monsters, agony monster advice and more.

Squid (Kraken) 
Mr. Carrot Gets Lost in Hong Kong & Things you asked me to draw Message Cards & Weird Stationery

We ate some lovely people and got them to make the zines in our belly.

Dorothy Damage (Feminist Monstress)

Also check out:

Queen of No Bones (Ghost & Dancing Pepper Monster)
Zine about Grandmas, with contributions from grandkids and real grandparents.

Millie Moo (Hockey & Oven Monster)
Bake Zine & Monster Cakes :D

And hopefully/possibly some others too!
We like eating people and asking them to make zines.
N'inquiete pas! We do spit them out afterwards :D

See you there! X

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