Sunday, 8 December 2013

Queer Zine Fest

We brought out zines to our first Queer Zine Fest and OMG it was amazing!

Along with the regular monster team: International Nobody ("Monsterpaedia"), Squid ("Yoghurt Pots") and Dorothy Damage ("Typical Girls"), and we had guest zine-makers poet Stephanie Dogfoot ("Where are My Star Shoes?" and musician/artist Seth Corbin ("Fox and Bear - The Unlikely Pair, A Silent Comic").

I really love the vibe at zine fairs.. There's this incredible sense of creative community and curiosity.

One of the coolest things about making a zine is watching people read it and then guffaw. Sometimes I ask them what they were laughing about as it's interesting to know what people find funny.

By the way, I asked all these people if it was ok to take their photos! (I hate people taking random pics of me!) and they all said "YEAH!" and it was a tacit agreement that they didn't need to be shown guffawing in the photo!

On the IMU table, we also had Dorothy Damage's feminist paper dolls, International Nobody's colourful monster prints and stickers and Squid's postcards ranging from cute to the just plain erotic.

More lovely people checking out the zines..
Sabrina Chap with "Yoghurt Pots".
 Took some time out to go say Hi to our friend the poet Mia Julia Eley at her stall.
 Keeping an eye on things..
Spare chair for Queer Zine Fest.